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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Smile Portrait Project

Esther here! I wanted to share how EXCITED I am to get on board the Smile Train by signing up for the Smile Portrait Project (SPP) taking place October 26, 27, 28 in Soho, NYC.

Smile Portrait Project is coming to New York to wake up the city that doesn't sleep. Wait - what?? Seriously. It's a project designed to make the world smile again - to wake people up - to have a blast - and to raise money for Smile Train, the charity that repairs children's smiles around the world with surgeries to repair cleft lips/palates. Log onto

Watch Video Here

Smile Portrait Project is helping the world smile again, one picture at a time.

Sign up to have your awesome portraits taken and help a child have surgery that will improve their life, forever. 50% of the profit is donated to
Smile Train. Click on this link to read more about their wonderful charity.Get your photos with your best friend, your kids, your love, your family , with yourself, your business partner, your writing partner, whoever!

How do you get involved?

You reserve your time slot and prepare to have a freakin'blast!

Where? Manhattan - in Soho at Easy Studio NYC

DATES : OCT 26, 27, 28

TIMES: 6 - 10pm

COST : $85.00 for a ½ hour of playtime. Your images will be sent to you electronically, keeping the project green. Smile Train uses the money to pay for cleft / palate surgery for children in developing countries. You are all invited to participate. If you would like to learn more click on

CONTACT: Photographer and Creator of SPP: / 213.595.3462 to sign up or call me at 323-244-9088 and I'll sign you up. I'll also be there to check you in.

I really believe this is a wonderful opportunity for you to have fun, play in front of the camera allowing Faleena to capture your wonderful, beautiful selves and at the same time giving back in a BIG BIG way.!!

Why I am signing up for...

Smile Portrait Project
"I know when I am happy and I smile naturally it really touches, moves and inspires folks. Even if I didn't have a nice smile it's still inviting if I am smiling. That goes for anyone who smiles. Smiles really bring out the inner beauty of people. Seeing children with cleft lips/ palates in photos and thinking that these kids will possibly be shunned based on what they look like visually just rips me up inside. I can't imagine being deprived of the smile I have been blessed with. I don't want another to be deprived of enjoying their own smile and would love to know that the family and friends around those kids are enjoying their smiles as well."

Click on this link for Esther Friedman's new website

Photo by
Creator and Photographer Faleena Hopkins

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