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Thursday, March 6, 2008

What's up with this Iris Bahr?

I kept asking myself self and then my friends, because her name keeps coming up on my journey of bringing my solo show Random Sharp Objects to New York.

Let's start with meeting Danny Robinson in June 2007. I had an opportunity to meet with Danny and in our meeting he mentioned that he works with Iris Bahr, who had a successful one woman show in New York, called "Dai". Iris was nominated for an Obie when her show was at the Culture Project and then her show moved to a off broadway theater for something like 18 weeks. Danny just mentioned it and suggested I check her out. I googled her and was like ok, if I get to New York I will definitely check her out. I noticed she worked with Craig Carlisle who also directed Fielding Edlow's solo show. Craig was cool because he gave me a quick 101 on how to think when writing a solo show. Thanks Craig. Coincidence, small world. What ever.

Things are coming together, all things RSO are in effect to go to New York. Jump to landing in New York. My roommate and dear friend Shari and I are rockin and rollin in NYC. I tell Shari about how I met Danny in LA and he suggested I go see "Dai". Shari's is like "hold up! Danny use to rep me and the guy that use to live in this apartment co-produced the show "Dai". We were like that's weird!

So it's down to the wire because "Dai" will be closing in one week. I'm strapped for cash until I start earning from doing my own show and I'm trying to figure out how I can go see the show. I contact Iris and ask her if I can stand in the back and watch the show. She invites me to see her perform. I am estatic and grateful. She was amazing. She did like 12 characters and told a touching moving story through the lives of people in a Tel Aviv cafe just before it gets bombed. Intense shit. I waited around to try and see her to thank her again, but the staff asked me to move out of the lobby. When I got home I thanked her again.

The next day Shari tells me I won't guess who she ran into today. Who? Iris Bahr, says Shari. That's crazy, I say. She's like yeah I know, Iris was talking about her show and then I told her how you are my roommate and you just saw the show last night and about my friend Paul who co-produced. That's crazy!, we're both yelling out loud in our fab apartment.

So opening night of my own show in New York I go to lunch with J. Keith van Straaten who is in New York hosting his own show What's My Line?
I'm telling J. Keith about how I got to go see Iris Bahr in "Dai" and how trippy it is that her name keeps coming up. J.Keith looks at me from across the table and says I know Iris. We're friends. "No way!" I say. I'm going to text her right now, he says. I told him to text her that she is invited to opening night, I keep inviting her. She couldn't make. We still have not met but when we do it will be superfabulucious.

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