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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Process of Creating a Solo Show # 7

The original title of the show went from Reflections and Shadows, to Random Sharp Objects (you'd have to see the show for the reference). It was pretty cool the different reactions from people. For the most part people really enjoyed it and could relate. I had a couple of incidents where I felt I had to defend myself and my art and it is through those indcidents I am grateful for standing my ground on how I tell this story. It's my story and I don't have to alter it for anyone else to make them feel comfortable. That was a great lesson for me to learn. I'm also thankful to Larry Clarke who reminded me to just tell the story and tell the truth. That is what I always remember before I go on.

It was sad when we closed but we all needed a break. I decided to go back East and see my family. The whole time I was there something inside me would be reminded that my sister Sarah said she could see this play in New York. Other people said the same thing, which is a nice compliment, but how was I going to do that? I asked the universe that question. I asked Hali if she wanted to continue and she said she would be was unable to travel so I adjusted the script to have me just do my parts.
I submitted the show to various theaters in New York, and I had some bites, some discussions and people said I need to get into the NY Fringe Festival. I thought that would be a daunting task and almost pulled out of the notion of even going to New York. After the 3rd theater that passed on the project, I contacted Cheryl King the creative director of Stage Left Studios. Her theater specializes in solo repretory and I thought how perfect. I submitted my piece and shared my vision and Cheryl was on board. Sarah and Adam Cruz said they wanted to co-produce. Then Shari said, I need a roommate. Which by the way we live on the same street my mother and grandmother opened their first dress shop and a block away from where my dad had his record stores. I've come full circle. All the pieces where coming together, it was all right in front of me and as of the first week of December 2007, I decided to just say "Yes" to all open doors and see where they lead and that is how I'm in New York doing a production of Random Sharp Objects: The Story of How I Got the Past Out of My Ass

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