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Friday, April 4, 2008

The Black and White Lady

I hung out with my friend Sarah who is also my sisteeer. She's awesome. So we are out and about in the East Village and we hit happy hour at Niagra's on 7th Street and Ave A. I always call it Nigel's, but it's Niagra like the sign says. So we are hanging recapping the week when the bartender offered us shots and called them a White Lady. We knocked them back and as Sarah's shot glass hit the bar she said, these are good and all, but what about a Black and White lady? Ohhh. The bartender took on the challenge and said she'd be right back. This is what she came back with
The Black & White lady is Pink! Ingredients:
Lime Juice
Simple Triple Sac
That's the best that I could remember the day after.

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